Paratilapia sp. East Coast small points

I acquired 6 specimens in the 2004 AFC congres from Loic le Rezollier (I believe they were offspring from fish that had been given by Jean Claude Nourissat). I gave two (the bigger and smaller) to a friend who keeps them very well, and I kept the remaining four in a 900 litres along with other malagasy species. Despite frequent water changes and good food, they refused to even show trace of forming a pair. This last winter a heavy pneumonia kept me a month in the hospital and another month at home - a friend went at my studio to feed the fish every now and then - so I can tell that tanks were seriously neglected. When I finally got to my studio, surprise, a pair of Paratilapia guarding fry!
I siphoned most of them in the sump (there is an extra space for that purpose). 15 days later, I can't see any losses - having no time to culture artemia, I feed only tetra baby food. They seem to do very well, and there are LOTS of them.

One month old fry. You can see their paratilapia black spot on the dorsal fin.

You can also download a 2 minute (10MB) video starring the parents with the fry I left with them, and lots of fry in the sump.

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